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Adding Content

Members, this is your section that you can edit! If you came to this page to find out how to become a member then you need to visit the club at 129 Mulgrave Rd during opening hours and fill in an application form. Nothing else on this page is relevant to becoming a member. If you are a member and would like to help the club by adding structured content then please see next section on Getting Access.

How To Add Content

This page provides specific practical detail on how members can add content to the club web site Introduction Getting Access Getting Help Software Required Optional Software Wsl: a different approach for Windows users with plenty of support online for beginners Using software to create, edit and view your page Writing content with markdown and shortcodes Specific examples of shortcodes for youtube and images Example Linking to a youtube video Example showing all images in your directory with resizing, rotation fixing and metadata removal Importance of adding in a trailing slash for defaults.