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Images and accounts of relevant equipment made or owned by members or the club.

Currently focussing on fossicking sieve stands.

There is no particular type of fossicking stand that is suitable for all conditions. When searching for specimens by walking to different areas and sampling then just a sieve, small shovel and a small pick is suitable. However also carrying a lightweight dry sieve fossicking stand is common.

When someone has found specimens then it is common for others to join in a few meters away and set up lightweight dry sieve fossicking stands straightaway.

If an extended amount of time is to be spent at some location then having a lightweight sieve stand is less of an issue than having a more efficient way to sieve, such as attempting to use a sieve with water.

To be included

  1. Fossicking willoughby
  2. Club fossicking stand welded together by Tim
  3. Fossicking stand owned by Bill Reece

Damian De Sabatta

Tripod Fossicking Stand with water capability. Made by Damian De Sabatta. Owned by the club. To be field tested by John Heenan. Thanks The club is extremely grateful to Damian for making the tripod sieve stand upon request by the club Design The stand is based on a popular design once used in parts of QLD and for which there is no known documentation or images. Images Please click on images to enlarge

Ken Vaughan

Image of aluminium sieve stand top, lightweight and foldable Made and owned by Ken Vaughan Sieve Stand Top Very lightweight stand made from two sections of flat bed aluminium and a section of aluminium pipe with wood inserted into pipe. The pipe is indented to grip the wood and the two flat bed sections are held in place at the top of the pipe by a screw into wood.

Craig Walker

Image of aluminium sieve stand top, lightweight and foldable Made by Craig Walker. Owned by Craig and Peggy Walker The bottom image shows the sieve stand disassembled with a standard steel tent pole There are two standard sieve sizes, 33 cm and 45 cm. The sieve stand is for 45 cm sieves. The parts are: Two lengths of vice folded flat bed aluminium (5 mm thick, 25mm wide), horizontal length 44 cm, side vertical lengths 8 cm and slightly over 90 degrees from horizontal.