Trevor Hannam

Replica of 1788 hand cranked faceting machine

Replica of 1788 hand cranked faceting machine

Sieve Set

On 19 September 2020 Trevor kindly donated to the club a two mesh layer wooden framed fossicking sieve set similar to Allen Gale’s.

The sieve set will fit into a stand for 17 inch (430 mm) sieves.

Currently only images and a description of parts with measurements is provided.

A 3D image with measurements marked is to be provided.

Trevor will be providing a guide on how to construct the sieve set and the club regards this as a valuable addition.

This sieve set is very robust. Far more robust than an aluminium sieve set. The other side to this is that it is heavy.

The sieve set consists of an upper sieve and a lower sieve.

Both sieves are 420 mm square wooden frames. The upper sieve is 950 mm high, not including two extending lower wood lips. The lower sieve is 450 mm high. All wood is 15 mm thick.

Galvinised steel is 1 mm thick and is formed from 65 mm wide sections. The galvinised steel is formed into 90 degree sections 30 mm from an edge. The horizontals are 45 mm and the verticals 30 mm. Four sections are screwed into the lower sieve and one into the upper sieve. The function of the galvinised steel is to support the mesh.

The lower sieve is 13 inch mesh with 18 inch wire. The lower sieve sits on horizontal galvinised steel lips on four sides.

The upper sieve 12 inch mesh with 116 inch wire. The upper sieve is bent upwards on three sides for 60 mm. The fourth side of the upper sieve sits on a horizontal galvinised steel lip. The upper sieve is set 20 mm up from the bottom of the sieve and below the sieve are two vertical wooden lips 35 mm high. This means the vertical wooden lips extend 15 mm below the upper sieve. These vertical wooden lips enable the upper sieve to slot into the lower sieve.

Wooden corners are held together with wood screws and the galvinised steel, wood and mesh are held together with bolts, washers and nuts.

The vertical lips do not run their full length at their projections on the inside of the upper frame by 20 mm to allow space to slot in around nuts and bolts.