Fossicking Stand Photography and Measurement Day

On 12 September 2020 Ken Vaughan, Tim Franklin and John Heenan brought in fossicking stands and a willoughby for photography and measurement as well as for examination and questions by members. The club stands and sieves were also displayed.

John Heenan wrote this report and updated information in links.

Members who showed stands

Ken Vaughan

Ken kindly allowed his ultra lightweight and portable fossicking stand to be photographed and examined in detail. He also answered many questions. The club would like to thank Ken for this.

Ken indicates his stand was inspired by another stand he saw elsewhere but does not have details. Ken did not work from a plan. He used scrap parts and used a 12 inch sieve to help judge curvature of aluminium strips to fit a 12 inch sieve.

The club would like to thank Ken.

Tim Franklin

Tim Franklin brought in a sloping sieve box with two mesh layers and a willoughby for use in areas such as the Central Queensland gemfields (including Emerald/Anakie/Rubyvale). The sieve box was originally made and owned by John and Val Evans.

Tim has a wealth of information about the club. He pointed out there was a photograph of Allen Gale’s sieve set and stand in the May 2017 issue of the club newsletter and that Trevor Hannam has a similar sieve set. As a result of this information the club website created the above new equipment entries.

Also Tim pointed out he arranged for club fossicking stands to be fabricated by a boilermaker.

The club would like to thank Tim.

John Heenan

John Heenan showed the water capable sieve stand fabricated by Damian and owned by the club. It has yet to be field tested in an area where water is available. Such a report is needed to evaluate it for use by the club.

As indicated in the link, the stand is based on a popular design once used in parts of QLD and for which there is no known documentation or images.

Club Stands

The club owns various sieve stands, sieves and pans, that were on display.

All stands

Please see links to the full equipment list.