Bill Reece

Bill Reece is a highly experienced fossicker. The club thanks Bill for allowing his equipment to be photographed and examined.

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Fossicking Stand

Based on Bill’s experience in fossicking, he had this stand made for him.

Your first reaction is that this portable and collapsible stand with sieve is not made to be shaken like a normal sieve. You are right. Bill revealed a totally unexpected detail. He stated the stand uses rollers and it is a design that is popular for its ease of use! In particular women like it. Incredible!

There are three 1 14 inch (32 mm) diameter hollow galvinised steel rollers made from water pipes. They fit across three sets of grooves on the sieve support table and the sieve rests on top of them. A single operator, called a sorter, stands at one end to move the sieve rhythmically on the rollers back and forth.

After a few hours the rollers need to have dirt and debris clinging to them removed.

This solution solves some problems with single leg stands:

  • Overcoming force from the leg itself, even when elastic in nature (returning energy)
  • Limited range of movement
  • Energy required to hammer the support leg into place and periodically readjust balance point with force
  • Putting up with unbalanced single leg supports stands is common, particularly in challenging environments. This wastes energy


This is a standard design that Bill had made for him.