Craig Walker

Image of aluminium sieve stand top, lightweight and foldable

Made by Craig Walker. Owned by Craig and Peggy Walker

The bottom image shows the sieve stand disassembled with a standard steel tent pole

There are two standard sieve sizes, 33 cm and 45 cm. The sieve stand is for 45 cm sieves.

The parts are:

  1. Two lengths of vice folded flat bed aluminium (5 mm thick, 25mm wide), horizontal length 44 cm, side vertical lengths 8 cm and slightly over 90 degrees from horizontal.
  2. Section of aluminium pipe with 19mm outer diameter and with section of 16 mm threaded steel rod permanently screwed in and protruding to screw into both flat beds when laid over together.
  3. A section of a standard steel tent pole that slots neatly into the aluminium pipe

The flat bed aluminium is avaialbe in 7 m lengths. A drill and 16 mm tap was used to make holes and threads in the centre of the two flat bed sections. The tap costs $20. The tap was also used to cut threads in the aluminium pipe.

Click on any image to enlarge. The ruler is in inches and 14 inches


Sieve Stand Top Assembled with standard tent pole


Sieve Stand Top Disassembled with standard tent pole