Jean Morrow, Former Treasurer and current life member

Jean Morrow is a former Treasurer and is a life member.

Account from newsletter June 2011

The following three images and account by Jean Morrow is from CMLC Newsletter Jun 2011

jpg jpg Charlie Maddox’s mine at Topaz, “The Lottah”. Charlie was Jean’s father
jpg Dredge made by Tom Morrow, Jean’s husband

I was born in Malanda in 1925. I went to school at Tarzali for twelve months before transferring to Topaz where my father took over 108 acres of farmland. He had to clear the land and move our house from Tarzali and rebuild it plus build cow bails and also a large shed. I went to school at Topaz until I was fourteen. When I was sixteen, I got a job at AL&S (Armstrontg, Ledlie and Stillman ) at Peeramon. At that time there was a butcher, baker, bank, hotel, tennis court and dance hall as well as the shop at Peeramon. My pay was 30 shillings a week. My board was 30 shillings a week. My landlady said if I cleaned and washed all the floors every Saturday, I could board for 25 shillings a week.

The war was on at this time and if we stood on the back steps of the shop, we could watch the Yanks practicing their parachute jumping.

When I turned seventeen, I joined the nursing staff at the Atherton Hospital. I left there to get married to my husband Tom from Victoria, in 1944. We lived in Innisfail for twelve years before moving to Cairns, where I have been for over 50 years.

My father had a gold mine at Topaz (The Lottah). There was also another mine at Towallah, another one (Astronama) at Old Boonjie, plus the Lady Olive at Topaz. I guess this was where I became interested in gold and gemstones. When my husband retired, we were introduced to gem hunting by George and Gwen Allan who took us to Mt Surprise. We found topaz and so we were hooked forever.

Tom, my husband also built two dredges which we would take to Goldsborough and dredge for gold. We also bought a dry blower which we would take to a friend’s property at Charters Towers. We never made a fortune but had plenty of enjoyment over the years. We took our gold to Perth on one of our trips and took it to the mint and got ₤1000 for it. We had to sign to get into the mint and sign again before we left. Gosh! I have never seen so much gold!

Those days have all gone. I have some great memories and still enjoy listening to the adventures of the club members when they return from their trips.

I now have three sons, five grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren and of course my dog Petal.

Profile from newsletter May 2002

The following profile and image is from CMLC Newsletter May 2002.


Jean Morrow


General hand and a well respected member. She previously held the position of treasurer for 4 years

For 16.5 years

For company. She likes stones, camping and looking for stones while others dig.

Anything and everything. Company and talking, it’s all fun.

Jean is a crafty lady in more ways than one. She especially likes doing craftwork and enjoys a good joke.

Roast pork and pumpkin soup (ask for her secret ingredients)


Country amd rock and roll

After some thought and declaring she doesn’t have any, Jean hopes to live forever, as long as she is healthy