Life Members

Life Members

As far as we can currently tell, life members and their images are listed in the order they were granted.

  1. Darelle Saunders, deceased. The first president, 1961 to 1965. The club expects to display archives from her time as president.

  2. Dot Anderson

  3. Walter Anderson, deceased

  4. Jean Morrow, deceased. Profile

  5. Morgan Kane, deceased

  6. Keith Hill, deceased

  7. Wilma Hill, deceased

  8. Vic Cummings

  9. Bill Reece. Profile

  10. Betty Reece

  11. Bill Hall in 2018. Outstanding contributor over 20 years to facilities and instruction, such as workshops construction, machinery and purchasing.

  12. Joe Ferk in 2018. Faceting instructor

  13. Jim Lidstone in 2018. Faceting instructor

  14. David Croft in 2018. Minerals identifcation

  15. Jeanne Mora in 2020. Outstanding Service. Newsletter Publisher and Editor. Secretary (up to 2019)

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