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COVID-19 Issues

Updates following reopening Recent club activities following reopening Fourth Update October 2020 Sorry: No more sharing of home style cooked food at the club (COVID-19 rule). So no more sausage sizzles after club meetings, including next meeting at 12 noon on 7 November. Also please remember to bring your own cup or disposable cups and to keep eating areas only for eating. So please: no rocks where people eat.

Club News

15 June. Full list of Lapidary section winners from 2019 Cairns Show 14 June. New Section on CMLC at the Cairns Show 10 June 2021. The club’s 40 year and 50 year celebratory publications are back up on website Oops! Sorry! Website error! Club publications Celelebrating 50 Years 1961-2011 and Celelebrating 40 Years 1961-2001 have been missing from the website for the past six months or so. There is no ‘Celelebrating 60 Years 1961-2021’ publication.


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Gemfest Christmas Party, 12 December 2021 Slab sale by Bruno and Helen Simonetto, 26 September 2020 Images from the slab sale Notice for the slab sale event. Gemfest Gemfest is an annual event with much community interest. Christmas Party, 12 December 2021 The Frying Dutchies, also on Facebook, catered to the club for the Christmas Party. From the club facebook page “A massive thank you and shout out to Marit and Remco, The Frying Dutchies, for catering our Christmas Lunch today!


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