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COVID-19 Issues

Updates following reopening Recent club activities following reopening Third Update 14 July 2020: New rules have been approved and are now in place Second Update 14 July 2020: The president, Michael, and secretary, Jan, have made changes to COVID-19 safety plans as requested by the CYRC, submitted them to the CYRC and let the CYRC know they are hoping to inform members of the safety plans by tonight, subject to the approval by the CYRC of the safety plans.

Club News

15 September 2020 Members showed fossicking sieve stands and a willoughby for photographing and measurement as well as for members to examine and ask questions on 12 September 2020. Thanks to Ken Vaughan, Tim Franklin and John Heenan. There is a report with links to updated information. 7 September 2020 The club AGM was on September 5. CMLC Secretary Jan has circulated the 2020 AGM Minutes, the President’s AGM report and the September General Meeting Minutes.


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