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Please consider contributing material for club newsletter “No Stone Unturned”

Easiest way to contribute is to use the contact form or email the club to cairnsmlc AT gmail DOT com (to include attachments such as photographs).

Magazine Editor and Publisher: Jeanne Mora

Current and Past Issues

CMLC Newsletter Nov,Dec 2019:

  • Checkout the article on sedimentary rocks with interesting photographs followed by articles on scientific property measurements to assist identification.
  • There are four wire wrapping tutorials with images on page 5. jpg Thumbnail of Intertwining Ring Tutorial.

CMLC Newsletter Oct 2019:

  • Checkout Allan Gale’s informative field report from Chudleigh Park
  • Checkout the well highlighted photographs of igneous and metamorphic rock types in the introductory geology article from pages 11 to 14

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