Basic Fossicking Equipment by Leigh Twine

We always keep in mind when taking gear that chances are that the fossicking gear will have to be carried, either because at first people are specking and need to carry gear until they find a suitable site to dig, or because you can’t get the car close enough to the fossicking site.

We carry most of our gear in a back pack, which also has to have room for plenty of drinking water and maybe your lunch also.

Geo Pick

Geo Pick

Metal Sieves

  1. 1 x fine about 18
  2. 1 x coarse about 14

Suitable for wet or dry sieving for gems or crystals.

Made with stainless steel mesh in an aluminum frame and 33cm (13 inches) in diameter.

The course sieve nests in the top of the fine sieve.

Metal Sieves

A sieve stand

Sieve Stand with Sieve on Top


The size you feel you can carry for a while.

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