News and President's Report From General Meeting, October 10, 2020

President’s Report

Your committee has been busy of late organising courses, coordinating field trips, planning future workshops, office work, keeping the doors open, replying to emails and website updating.

I’ve been receiving one to three club phone enquiries per day lately.

We also have many new members so please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.

Don’t forget we still have to continue to sanitise daily, it’s a routine we have to get used to.

The Cairns Youth Centre has reminded us to abide by the COVID-19 food regulations. All home prepared food should not be shared. Only commercially prepared food can be shared using tongs, this is rather unfortunate, for homemade treats are absolutely my favorite, so it’s back to packet biscuits and cakes.

On Saturday 26th September Helen and Bruno Simonetto visited the club with a variety of Lapidary Material for sale with members purchasing hard to acquire material. It was lovely to see some members from other clubs visit that day also.

Michael Hardcastle

General Meeting News

Sympathy cards were sent to John Evans’ family and to Neville Ridley’s family.

There was a printed and verbal treasurer’s report by Richie.

Mike Rashleigh has been appointed purchasing officer by the management committee. Please see his web page, which is also a menu link under Services, Purchasing.

There were reports about the October field trip, website, fire and safety, courses (current and future). New fire extinguishers and fire blankets have been purchased.

Joe Venables was presented with a silversmith course certificate. There are also certificates for Allen Coates (cabochoning), Kevin Smith (silversmithing) and Kylie O’Brien (silversmithing).

Joe Venables (right) receiving his silversmith course certificate from instructor Trevor Hannam (left)

The club is applying to hold a 2021 Gemfest.

There were various discussions including about

  • Christmas dinner under COVID-19 restrictions (Jan and Michael)
  • Library use (David)
  • Test room practices (David) - please keep black curtain pulled back and keep blue light off with normal light on
  • Amplifier use at meetings (Alan, Jan and Tammi)
  • Encouraging the near 1000th facebook like (Tammi and Michael)