News and President's Report From General Meeting, November 7, 2020

President’s Report

It is so good to see Allan and Sylvia back at the club today. Allan we all wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back again soon.

The Christmas Party Date has been moved to the 12th of December due to the availability of the catering services. The General Meeting will remain on Saturday 5th December.

Memberships Expire at the end of December 2020. We will be accepting renewals and new memberships for 2021 from 2nd December. Please note: due to insurance cover you are not permitted to use the work rooms if your membership has expired.

Thank you to the volunteers who worked a couple days in the hot weather welding and preparing the shipping container for painting.

If members would like a shirt with the club logo on it you will need to purchase your own grey shirt and bring in to the club. They then get embroidered in batches of twelve and cost $8.00 for the embroidered logo. It will be an extra $8.00 if you want your name included. We currently have two shirts waiting for logos.

Michael Hardcastle

General Meeting News

There was a printed and verbal treasurer’s report by Richie. There was a printed website report by John. There was a verbal fire and safety officer’s report by Trevor.

Courses are finishing. There will be more starting, including Electroforming and Steam Casting, next year.

There are new loupes and new practices for the faceting area. Dop sticks and polishing powder are now locked away.

Damien, Tim and Michael have been repairing and preparing the shipping container in the heat. Trevor is overhauling faceting machines.

General Business

  • Tender winners for multi disc sanding machine, saw and grinder were Trevor, Mike Rashleigh and Richie respectively.
  • Chantelle Gundrum was winner of the 1000 like Facebook draw with choice of 2021 club membership or ring donated by Trevor. Tammi organised the draw.
  • Peggy is posting links to website from Facebook.
  • New fire extinguishers and fire blankets have been installed by Trevor.
  • Jan, Marit and Remco are planning the Christmas Party on December 12. There will be updates by email and on the website.
  • Please support the Christmas raffle.
  • Tammi will have club Christmas gift vouchers ready for sale soon.
  • David has requested no chairs be placed at end of table close to faceting area for safety reasons.
  • Sausage sizzles will be returning, with practices as per COVID-19 food rules.
  • Club closing date is 19 December (with a club clean up). Club will reopen on 16 January.