News and President's Report From General Meeting, December 5, 2020

President’s Report

Well it’s been a rather extraordinary year with the club closed for three months, reopening, then operating under our covid 19 Safety plan. Fortunately everybody has managed to stay covid 19 free.

Sadly we are still missing a member, there has been no news of Ken’s whereabouts.

Last Wednesday I felt really honoured to be given a $50.00 donation from a member of the public. I must be doing something right.

Donations: we have had many people donate to the club this year. Members have also made or provided prizes for the Christmas party raffle, the more the merrier.Thank you everybody for your generous contributions to the club and Christmas Raffle.

Our Christmas Party Feast next Saturday will be attended by at least thirty people. I’m looking forward to a great social event with lots of prizes to be won and no washing up to do.

Reminder: Our last day, December 19th, will be a half day working bee after lunch. The work rooms will be closed and l expect all members to pitch in and help tidy up and clean the work rooms. The areas you would normally use is the place to concentrate on. If you will not be present in the afternoon please do your share in the morning.

Cleaning Bee Hints:

  • Cab room, all machines and all around them, lights, fans, floor, benches, sills, etc
  • Silver room, floors, benches, shelves, fans, etc
  • Socialising area tables, floors, fans, glass cabinets, counters etc
  • All air conditioner filters to be removed and cleaned.

Audit : During the Christmas break the assets register will be updated for this financial year’s audit. If you have any personal possessions on the premises that you do not wish to be included in the audit then please make a detailed numbered list of the items or temporarily remove them from the premises.

Michael Hardcastle

General Meeting News

Other Reports

There was a printed and verbal treasurer’s report by Richie. There was a summary of a website report provided to the club by John. The full report is available to members on request. There was a fire and safety officer’s report by Trevor. Defibrillator training is postponed till February 2021

New members and guest attendances

New members were welcomed into the club. These are Jannemieke Hanhart (Jana), Rigo Van Meer (husband), Jamie Thompson, Chantelle Gundrum and Masako Ito. Clint Whitcroft attended as a non member guest.

Certificate Presentations

Cabochon Course: Nil
Silver Course: Vanese Leetch finished her course today and will be presented with her certificate at a later date
Faceting Course: Marlene Miller & Robyn Heerma Van Voss finished their course after the meeting today. Their certificates will be presented at a later date


Starting again in 2021 - details to be worked out and people who have made inquiries will be notified.

Casting next year: Over the break Google or look in Youtube for “Wax Carving Ideas”. Place your wax order from the catalogue in the order book if you are interested in a workshop.

The club will be getting carving wax for a casting workshop in 2021.

A wax hand carving tool set arrived today. We also have on order a new electric wax carving toolkit.

Cabochon Room:

In the club we teach new members to wash their hands and stone before moving on to the next wheel, especially the polishing buff. While using the club’s machines I expect all members to continue this practice, to set a good example. We have three new members learning to cabochon stones at the moment.

Bill Reece will be overseeing the cabochon room in 2021

General Business

  • GRANT UPDATE : Acquittal date 22/12/20
  • DYSON VACUUM CLEANER: A new powerhead costing $90 was ordered & received to repair this vacuum that was donated by Ken Vaughan.
  • FRIDGE: A secondhand fridge was purchased for $100 to replace the one near the cabbing room. It’s mainly used for storing investment casting powder, silicon and faceting glue.
  • CHRISTMAS LUNCH :Last day for names and payment for the lunch was today Dec 5th
  • RAFFLES : $2 per ticket - Prizes displayed on 2nd shelf in the cabinet and will be drawn at the Christmas party Dec 12th - a few more donations would be greatly appreciated though.
  • CHRISTMAS CLUB CERTIFICATES : Ready for sale at the counter
  • CLOSING DATE: Sat 19th December - After lunch will be a club cleaning working bee. If you aren’t going to be there in the afternoon then please help by cleaning your work room and area before leaving.
  • REOPENING DATE: Saturday 16th January
  • 2021 MEMBERSHIPS : Renewal fee will be $30 till March 6th 2021 GM meeting then it goes to $40 - New membership fee is $40.
  • The cleared back garden area will accommodate the club’s extension of the back area