Club Reopening, Management Committee Announcement, 11 June 2020

Grand Reopening 18 July 2020

This date is pending any new Govt restrictions.

The Management Committee met on 10 June 2020 for a lengthy discussion on necessary requirements, safety plans and other issues that need to be in place before our door can open again.

The club closed on 21 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why not sooner?

  1. There is quite a bit to prepare and as we are all volunteers it cannot happen overnight
  2. By opening after the next stage is announced, 10th July, restrictions will hopefully have eased a little more
  3. The club need to establish a roster of members to oversee the sanitising duties ( which includes toilet cleaning) and distancing rules. If members are not willing to have their turn and it falls on one or two people all the time then it is not worth opening. As a club we all need to pull together and chip in on duties to make this work

We ask for your patience during this waiting time until all is in place