President's Report Jan 2020, including upcoming events

Welcome back to the Cairns Mineral and Lapidary Club 2020

It’s the time of year to renew your membership. Saturday 7th March is the last day to pay your membership fees at the discount rate. After this date members will no longer be eligible for the discount rate. Please do not use the workrooms if you have not yet renewed your membership which includes your insurance cover.

Lost Wax Casting …….Not to be missed!

Saturday 1st February is the last day to place you orders for casting waxes. If you plan to participate, enter your name and contact details in the casting book so that we can inform you when the waxes arrive and also the casting dates.

Silver Bangle Workshops

Making these bangles takes between 2 to 3 work sessions. Some experience in working with silver and wire work is essential. Please register your interest so we can buy the materials for these bangles. You will be advised of the dates and times for these workshops. Please note numbers are limited.


There are a few positions available in the faceting area. If you are interested in mastering this special skill, please book at the front counter.

Cabochon Cutting

There are a few members waiting to do this popular activity. To show your interest, please enter your name and phone number in the cabochon book and we will contact you with a starting date as soon as we are able.

We wish all members a happy and productive New Year.

Michael Hardcastle