President's Report, March 25, 2020

Hello Everyone

Before the Cairns Mineral and Lapidary Club closed on March 21st, Debbie Bloomfield was appointed to the Management Committee. Congratulations Debbie and thank you for volunteering.

The Cairns Mineral and Lapidary Club Inc is now closed until further notice.

The Annual Gem Festival 2020 has been canceled.

The Easter Fossicking Field Trip has been canceled.

All closures and cancellations are, of course, a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I never imagined we would have to stay at home instead of going fossicking. For now we can only reminisce of past fossicking adventures and look forward to the club reopening and planning future field trips.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still evolving, it appears we face challenging times that will impact the way we live our daily lives.

Having to stay at home instead of fossicking will give Lapidarians and Rockhounds the perfect opportunity to cull and sort their rocks into categories. Keepers, cutters, donate or chuckite (as in chuck it).

Members making jewellery and lapidary items at home will need to purchase materials online, for we have been instructed that access to the building is not permitted.

Trevor’s Basic Silver Jewellery Course has been postponed until further notice.

The stone tumbling workshop on 9th of May has also been canceled.

The Lost Wax Casting session was held on Sunday 15th March. Thank you Trevor and Tim for running the workshop. It was very successful and enjoyed by all. Looking forward to the next session.

Before the club closed Isabella, John and Damian worked together fabricating an adjustable sieving stand for the club in preparation for the upcoming fossicking trip but unfortunately the trip has been canceled.

Thank you to Damian, Isabella and John who also donated the material. Can’t wait to see it in action.

The management committee will continue to serve the club but we will be communicating by email, SMS and phone. We will keep members informed by email and phone.

I pray that you all remain fit, healthy and safe from COVID-19 during the challenging times ahead.