President's Report Feb 2020, including upcoming activities and events

Welcome Everyone Cairns Mineral Lapidary Club Inc is accepting new members. Join early in the year for the best value. Membership starts January 1st and expires December 31st. A reminder to members: Saturday 7th March General Meeting day is the last day to renew membership at the discount rate. Lost Wax Casting Casting Session: all day Sunday 15th March starts 9am if you are participating please enter your name in the casting book.

President's Report Jan 2020, including upcoming events

Welcome back to the Cairns Mineral and Lapidary Club 2020 It’s the time of year to renew your membership. Saturday 7th March is the last day to pay your membership fees at the discount rate. After this date members will no longer be eligible for the discount rate. Please do not use the workrooms if you have not yet renewed your membership which includes your insurance cover. Lost Wax Casting …….

President's Report November and December 2019

Hello everybody. Well what beautiful weather we have been experiencing in the Cairns region. We have only just started using the air conditioning units, due to the mild temperatures this year. Welcome to our new members. It’s great to see you using the facilities and having fun learning the skills. Our Christmas Party Feast is on December 7th after the general meeting which will start one hour earlier at 11:00am. All members and friends are welcome.

President's Report, October 2019

Hello everyone. It’s good to see the club a hive of activity with our new members learning to cut and polish cabochons, faceting or making silver jewellery. Last month’s Annual General Meeting appointed the following members for positions on the Management Committee: Vice-president.. Mike Rashleigh, Secretary.. Jan Hannam, Treasurer.. Joe Venables, Assistant Secretary.. Allan Rose, Assistant Treasurer.. Ritchie Williams and Social Media Administrator.. Tammi Saal. Congratulations to you all on your appointment.

President's Annual Report from AGM, September 2019

Quote: "We are a not-for profit organisation that provides tuition, equipment and facilities for people in the community who would like to join a club to learn more about the arts of lapidary and jewellery making."Summary: aims, facilities for community, donations, membership increase, Gem Festival success, activities, new equipment, attendances, information sessions, field trips, refurbishments, thanks.

President's Acceptance, 2017

Acceptance from New President, Michael Hardcastle, 2017 First and foremost I’d like to thank the outgoing President Bill Reece for his contribution of time and dedicated work effort over the past 20 years to make the club what it is today. Thank-you Bill. I am pleased to know that Bill is not leaving but stepping back to Vice-President. I became a member of our club about 7 years ago because of my interest in fossicking.