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Management Committee and Other Personnel Management Committee Members President: Michael Hardcastle Vice-president: Mike Rashleigh Secretary: Jan Hannam Treasurer: Joe Venables Assistant Secretary: Allan Rose Assistant Treasurer: Richie Willaims Extra Members MC: Tammi Saal Other Personnel Purchasing Officers: Jan Saal Specimen Curator: David Croft Specimen Testers: David Croft, Vic Lahtinen, Trevor Hannam Cabochon Advisors: Jodi Sawyer Faceting Instructors: Jim Lidstone, Joe Ferk, Trevor Hannam Silver Instructors: Sylvia Rose, Jan Saal


Gemfest is an annual event with much community interest


Find Specimens Government designated fossicking areas Regular Field Trips Many local spots for crystal quartz Identify Specimens Consult our Specimen Tester or our Gemologist We have a very comprehensive reference library (On site only) Our members in general have a wealth of knowledge and experience Process Specimens With our talented volunteer tutors, learn skills of cutting & polishing gemstones en cabochon or faceted and then setting the stone We also have lost-wax casting sessions for silver jewellery


Instruction classes with attendance over several sessions Faceting Cabochoning Jewelley/Silverworking To attend the classes please notify interest to the club. When sufficient people have registered interest and an instructor is available you will be notified and requested to confirm attendance Workshops with single session Lost Wax Casting Electroforming Wire Wrapped Ring (Lovers Knot) Using Club’s Phone App (Maps)

Field Use Maps

Maps for Field Use This is a service under development to provide useful information in the field to club members. The service is available on a seperate web link and is available to club members upon request. Please ask well before departing on a field trip for the link. Practice is required. Please make sure you access just before departing so as latest updates can be downloaded for offline access on your mobile phone.