Cairns Show 2019

CMLC at the Cairns Show

CMLC hosts a stand at the Arts & Crafts Section section of the Cairns Show each year.

CMLC demonstrates faceting and gives talks on cabochoning. Members are encouraged to showcase their work through the club: members’ cut stones and hand made jewellery is exhibited.

CMLC organises lapidary competition judging. Judges are not permitted to know names of entrants of work they are judging. Members and others can enter individually. Details below. There is a section for novices. While there is prize money, it is traditionally not accepted by club members who win.

Previous CMLC at the Cairns Shows

Link to previous CMLC at the Cairns Shows

Winners from Lapidary section in 2019

Congratulations to Micahael Hardcastle for winning the ‘Cairns Show Association, Champion, Open Craft of Show’ for 2019.

All the winners in five lapidary sections were club members. Congratulations Jan Saal, Joe Ferk, Michael Hardcastle, and Joe Venables.

Jan Saal won four places across three categories including two first places, Joe Ferk won the first two places of the Jewellery with stone category, Michael won all three places of a single category (Cabochon) and Joe Venables took first place in the Emerald Cut category.

Michael was the only person in Section 27 (Arts & Craft) to win all three places of a single category

Lapidary Sections Winners of Arts & Crafts in 2019 (click to enlarge)

All 2019 Arts & Crafts Section Winners

Blue labradorite, first place cabochon section in 2019 by Michael Hardcastle, CMLC President

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Details from 2019 show