Opening by Minister Michael Healy

Michael Healy, the QLD Government Assistant Minister for Tourism Industry Development and QLD Parliament member for Cairns opened Gemfest 2021 at 9am on Saturday 24 July.

Our three minute video shows Minister Michael Healy cutting 60th anniversary cake, acknowledging the club and members as well as mentioning traditional custodians of the land, the Olympics and making a lap (of stalls, not an Olympics track).

  • Welcome from the President Michael Hardcastle
  • Minister Michael Healy opens Gemfest 2021:
    • mentions opening ceremony of the Olympics just held
    • acknowledges traditional custodians of the land and pays respects
    • acknowledges 60th anniversary of the club
    • acknowledges central role of minerals in built society
    • acknowledges club members and younger members
    • acknowledges important role of clubs like ours in Australian society
    • mentions he wants to go on a fossicking trip and make finds that others enjoy
    • cuts very large cake, wishing the club a happy 60th birthday
    • has photos taken of himself on his phone with President Michael and with cake providers Allan and Brenda Gale
    • takes photo of cake and patty cakes
    • discusses cake preparation with Allan and Brenda Gale
    • starts his lap of stall holders

The cake and patty cakes were made by Curcio Bakery in Mareeba. Brenda Gale iced the patty cakes with club logo decoration.