Gemfest 2021 Volunteers

Gemfest 2021 Volunteers (Still Incomplete)

Gemfest would not be possible without the generous help of many members from the club who donate their time and skills.

Star Member of Gemfest 2021

Sokar Phillpot

Behind the scenes

Day to day preparations and organisation prior to Gemfest

Michael Hardcastle, Jan Hannam

Kitchen and BBQ Planning

Sokar Phillpot, Betty Reece. Betty met with Sokar to assist with Kitchen & BBQ planning based on previous experience/knowledge

Kitchen and BBQ Food Organisation

Sokar Phillpot

Gemfest Committee

Michael Hardcastle (Convenor), Trevor Hannam, Tammi Saal, Jan Hannam, Allan Gale, Sokar Phillpot

COVID-19 Issues

Sokar Phillpot


John Heenan

Blue 60th Anniversary Gemfest bag organisers and fillers

Sat 17 Jul Micahel Hardcastle and Trevor Hannam gathered aand organised mineral samples
Wed 21 Jul Debbie Bloomfield, Amanda Roland and Rita Biscaretti
Fri 23 Jul ?

Before Gemfest

Raffle ticket sellers at Stockland Cairns Shopping Centre, Earlville

  • Setting up each morning and collecting each afternoon: Michael Hardcastle
  • Week 1, Wed 16 Jun to Sat 19 Jun: Michael Hardcastle, Joe Venables, Trevor Hannam, Matt Redgen, Grahame Beal, Chrissy Wilson, Kevin Smith, Rick Mewburn, Tim Franklin, Jan Drenth, Maria Donkers, Aileen Hackett, James Burley, Ted Powell
  • Week 2, Wed 23 Jun to Sat 26 Jun: Marjorie Beattie, Michael Hardcastle, Bill Reece, Len Hart, Matt Redgen, Jan Saal, Bill O’Reilly Smith, Tim Franklin, Rita Biscaretti, David Biscaretti, Josh Chamberlain, Stevie Lovett, Marlene Miller
Marjorie Beattie and Jan Saal, both raffle prize donors, selling raffle tickets at Stockland Cairns Shopping Centre, Earlville, on 23 June 2021
  • Week 3, Wed 30 Jun to Sat 3 Jul: Leigh Twine, Trevor Hannam, Bill Reece, Len Hart, Matt Redgen, Bill O’Reilly-Smith, Kevin Smith, Tim Franklin, Rita Biscaretti, David Biscaretti, Dale Beal, Stevie Lovett, Marlene Miller
  • Week 4, Wed 7 Jul to Sat 10 Jul: Jan Saal, Colyn Saal, Bill Reece, Len Hart, Betty Reece, Tim Franklin, Matt Redgen, Les Kenny, Jan Drenth, ? Drenth, Josh Chamberlain, Maria Donkers, Stevie Lovett, Marlene Miller

Other Raffle Ticket Sellers

Super seller Bill Reece!

At Gemfest




Sokar Phillpot, Debbie Bloomfield

60th Anniversary Cake

Brenda Gale, Allan Gale

Kitchen Food

Sokar Phillpot, Kylie O’Brien, Sayumi Omori, Reesa Sorin, Maria Donkers, Dale Beal, Marj Beattie,

Kitchen Money

Joe Venables, Stevie Lovett, Robyn Van Voss, Jan Saal, Ted Powell

BBQ Cooking

Jodi Sawyer, Wendy Scott-Bohanna, Andrew Scott-Bohanna, Marj Beattie, Maria Donkers, Jan Drenth, Amanda Roland

BBQ Money

Carolyn Whittaker, Jannemieke Hanhart, Matt Redgen, Chrissy Wilson

Ticket Sellers at Stall

Marj Beattie, Jan Saal, Leigh Twine, Kevin Smith

Ticket Seller Walking Around

Michael Hardcastle

Sand Pit

Tammi Saal, Jamie Thompson, Maggie Schoder, Friend of Maggie Schoder, Marj Beattie, Josh Chamberlain

Gold Detecting and Panning

Ian McLean, Allan Gale, Bill O’Reilly

Peg A Clain

Trevor Hannam, Brenda Gale, Bob Lees

Showing People Around the Club

Matt Redgen, David Croft, Tim Franklin


Jan Hannam, Matt Redgen, Debbie Bloomfield

Pack Up Sunday Afternoon

Leigh Twinde, Bob Lees, Dale Beal, Graham Beal, Tim Franklin and lots more

Website Stall Photographs

John Heenan, Isabella Heenan

The number of stalls, the lack of names on stalls, their closeness and close up shots of details made identifying photographs to stalls challenging. After a number of tries, the most effective and efficient solution was to have two people work together, one quickly taking photographs and the other manually recording the time of photographs on a stall area plan to later match to photograph timestamps.