Management Committee and Other Personnel

Management Committee Members

President: Michael Hardcastle
Vice-president: Mike Rashleigh
Secretary: Jan Hannam
Treasurer: Joe Venables
Assistant Secretary: Allan Rose
Assistant Treasurer: Richie Williams
Extra Members MC: Debbie Bloomfield

Other Personnel

Purchasing Officers: Jan Saal
Specimen Curator: David Croft
Specimen Testers: David Croft, Vic Lahtinen, Trevor Hannam
Cabochon Advisors: Jodi Sawyer
Faceting Instructors: Jim Lidstone, Joe Ferk, Trevor Hannam
Silver Instructors: Sylvia Rose, Jan Saal
Machinery Curators: volunteers needed
Gem Testing: Vic Lahtinen, Trevor Hannam
Librarian: David Croft
Facebook Admin: Tammi Saal, Peggy Walker
Webpage Admin: Richie Williams, John Heenan
QLACCA Delegate: Bill Reece
Cairns Youth & Recreation Centre (CYRC) Rep: Bill Reece
Field Trip Advisors: Allan Gale, Craig Walker, John Heenan, Leigh Twine
Gem Festival: Trevor Hannam, Michael Hardcastle, Allan Gale, Tammi Saal, Mike Rashleigh, Jan Hannam
Auditor: Carey Accountancy
Fire & Safety Officers: Trevor Hannam

Magazine Editor and Publisher

Jeanne Mora

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